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ICSE2013개최안내 [상세내용보기]
일자 2013-11-18 ~ 2013-11-21
장소 부산해운대 그랜드호텔
소개 International Conference on Surface Engineering (ICSE 2013)

50th Anniversary of Korea Institute of Surface Engineering
Nov 18-21, 2013 ,Haeundae Grand Hotel ,Busan ,Korea



The conference is intended to provide an open forum to report on recent technical advances of surface treatment including nanoscale
process, plasma technology, wet surface process, materials for energy conversion devices, surface engineering for electronic
devices, new materials and structures for plating, surface characterization, and surface mechanical properties.

The conference scope will include a variety of processing technologies related to semiconductor and electronic display industries, solar energy
conversion devices, newly developed materials for automotive and steel making industries, and ecological applications, and plasma generation, plasma diagnostics and simulation for advanced coating technology, etc.

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